Donor Agreements

If you are in the process of planning parenthood with a sperm or egg donor, a Donor Agreement is highly recommended for you

Donor Agreements | Toronto, Richmond Hill

Although a Donor Agreement may not be required, there are many benefits to having an agreement between you and the donor.  

A properly drafted Donor Agreement will specify what, if any, role the donor will have in your family and will outline your and the donor's rights and responsibilities now, and in the future.  Donor Agreements will state who will be making important decisions for your children, who will be spending time with your children when, and what, if any, support payments will be made.  

Get Assistance in Drafting Donor Agreements | Toronto, Richmond Hill

Donor Agreements can also specify other important aspects of planning your family, such as which doctor you and/or the donor will see, which (if any) clinics you and/or the donor will use, who will pay for which expenses, what, if any, mediation testing will be required, and how medical information will be shared.  

Whether you plan for the donor to have an active role in your family, or none at all, it is important that you and the donor agree upon this, and that whatever you decide upon is clearly spelled out in a Donor Agreement.  

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