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Our law firms' main focus is on helping you resolve the family law issues that matter most to you.  We tailor our approach to best suit your family’s unique needs.  Whether you need a simple Divorce, a parenting plan, or a complex financial settlement, we are equipped to resolve these issues.


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Family law requires finding solutions for a number of issues that arise from the breakdown of a marriage or relationship. 


We are able to advise and guide clients on a number of matters including:

Being separated does not mean that you are divorced. It means that your relationship has come to end and there is no reasonable chance of getting back together.  You do not have to be living in different homes to be separated.  Your separation date is important because many financial issues depend on it.

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Custody is about making major decisions for your children, such as which school they will attend, who their doctor will be, and which religion, if any, they will practice.  

Access is about spending time with your children.  Resolving access issues includes creating a Parenting Time Schedule that best meets your children’s needs.  A proper schedule provides your children with the stability needed to transition from one home to two.

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Child Support is an amount of money that one separated parent pays to the other.  Monthly payments are determined based on the payor’s income, the number of children, and the amount of time the children spend with each parent.  

Parents also contribute towards their children’s major expenses over and above the monthly Child Support payment.                  

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Divorce is the legal term that means you are no longer married.  Only a Judge can grant a Divorce.  Usually, you must wait one year from the day that you separate to obtain your Divorce.  You can, should, and sometimes must, resolve other family law issues prior to obtaining your Divorce.       

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Dividing property is different for married couples than it is for couples who did not get married.  

Married couples divide almost all property, regardless of who owns it. There can be some exceptions, such as inheritances.  Couples who did not marry are not required by legislation to divide their property.  Each party keeps what they own, unless one party makes a successful trust claim into the other’s property. 

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Some people call this Alimony, but the legal term is Spousal Support. Spousal Support may be payable when one person earns far more than the other, does not have the ability to meet his or her own financial needs, or gave up his or her career for the benefit of the family.  The length of your relationship, your role during the relationship, and your and your former partner’s incomes are some of the factors that are relevant to determining whether you are entitled to, or may be required to pay, Spousal Support.                                                     

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As experienced family lawyers, we can guide you through the process of:

Negotiating a Separation Agreement is when your lawyer discusses the issues in dispute with the other side to reach a settlement.  A Separation Agreement is a binding contract that deals with all family law issues in your matter. Legal advice is essential to ensure that your Separation Agreement will protect your rights.          

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Mediation is when you and your former partner hire a neutral third party to help resolve your family law issues.  Mediators can help you reach an agreement, but they cannot make any binding decisions or give you legal advice. Including your lawyer in the mediation process is essential to protecting your rights.

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Litigation means going to Court.  If you go to Court, a Judge may make many important decisions about your family.  

There are many different rules that must be followed if you go to Court. If you do not follow these rules, Court Orders can be made against you. Our role is to help you ensure that all of these rules are followed and to present your case in the courtroom.

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With Collaborative Family Law, you and your former partner meet with your lawyers to resolve the issues that matter to both of you.  Other professionals can be involved, such as social workers and financial professionals.  This process is designed to focus on what each of you want and why it is important to your family.      

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Arbitration is when you and your former partner hire a neutral third party to make decisions on your legal issues, similar to a Judge.  Unlike mediation, you are bound by what the arbitrator decides.  You cannot attend arbitration without a lawyer.                                                               

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If you are in the process of planning parenthood with a sperm or egg donor, a Donor Agreement is highly recommended for you. Although a Donor Agreement may not be required, there are many benefits to having an agreement between you and the donor.  A properly drafted Donor Agreement will specify what, if any, role the donor will have in your family and will outline your and the donor’s rights and responsibilities now, and in the future.

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Our experienced and dedicated team is here to advise and protect your interests with any of your challenging family matters.

Lauri Daitchman

LAURI DAITCHMAN - Experienced Family Lawyer | Toronto, Richmond Hill

Lauri is committed to working with her clients to obtain the best possible resolution, either through negotiated settlements, collaborative family law, or family court litigation.

She received her law degree from the University of Windsor in 2009.  Prior to law school, she completed her Master’s degree in Philosophy, and graduated with a B.A. with Honours from Queen’s University.

Lauri volunteers with the Mandatory Information Presentation program at the courthouse.

Nadia Warsi

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Nadia’s dedicated, client-focused approach enables her to achieve resolutions that are tailored to meet her clients’ unique needs.  She has negotiated several complex Separation Agreements dealing with all family law issues. 

She pursued the first two years of her law degree at the University of Alberta, and completed her final year at Osgoode Hall Law School.  Prior to her J.D., she graduated with distinction as a member of the Dean’s Honour Roll from York University. She is fluent in Hindi and Urdu.                                                     

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