Special Or Extraordinary Expenses That Come Up During A Divorce

Special or Extraordinary Expenses are paid for over and above child support. They are meant to pay for the children’s non day-to-day expenses. This can include the children’s extracurricular activities, daycare, private school, post-secondary tuition fees, and medical or dental expenses.  They would not include items like groceries, diapers, or clothing, except in exceptional circumstances, as these expenses are meant to be covered by child support.

The children’s special or extraordinary expenses are usually shared by the parents in proportion to each of their incomes.  Remember, if you are paying your spouse spousal support, that is a deduction on your income and attributed as income to the recipient spouse.

If you have young children, you will have to do a cost-benefit analysis with your lawyer to determine whether you are insisting that your spouse return to work full-time to reduce the spousal support you may owe, is worth it. It may be the case that your spouse returning to work will mean that your children will need to go to full-time or part-time daycare.

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