Separating with Young Children

Separating with young children can be difficult.  Children of different ages have different needs depending on their stage of development. 

young children separation2.jpg

If your child is under the age of 18 months, (s)he likely needs to spend time with you and your ex often.  Creating an Access Schedule may include your baby spending most of his/her time with one parent and spending small amounts of times with the other parent several times per week.  As time goes on, your baby’s bond with both of you should strengthen to allow for longer visits and eventually to overnights as well.

It is important that your baby feels as comfortable as possible.  Access should take place in a familiar space with your baby’s favourite toys and foods.  The better you and your ex treat each other, the more easily your baby should adjust to your separation.

Communication Is Critical

You and your ex need to keep each other informed about many details of your baby’s day, such as when (s)he last ate, slept, and had his/her diaper changed.

Your baby’s Access Schedule will depend on many factors such as whether your baby is nursing, how much time (s)he spends with you and your ex, and your baby’s nap and feeding schedule.